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Smoke Clean-up in the Home

Smoke Clean-up in the Home

1. Never enter your home without consent from the fire marshal first. 

2. Start by making sure the area is properly ventilated. 

3. Make sure wet items are dried before starting the smoke clean up.

4. Get loose soot off walls using a vacuum.

5. Place drop cloth down and wear safety goggles and gloves.  

Smoke Alarm Tips

Smoke Alarm Tips

1. Test your smoke alarms monthly. 

2. Change batteries right away when your alarm starts chirping. (meaning low battery)

3. Replace alarms when they become out dated. 

4. Place alarms outside of bedrooms and near kitchens/garages. 

Wildfire Safety Tips

Wildfire Safety Tips

Due to the recent outbreak of wildfires over in the western side of the U.S. here are some safety tips regarding wildfires.

1. Clear dry leaves from your yard/property

2. Prune trees so fires don't spread branch to branch 

3. Create an emergency evacuation plan if you don't have one already

4. Keep vegetation surrounding your home watered

5. If there is a known fire around, be aware and check your home for smoke or fire. 

Be Careful When Using Firepits

Be Careful When Using Firepits

1. Do not use fire pit underneath trees or overhangs.  

2. Use a metal mesh cover to keep ashes from spreading around the area. 

3. Do not use lighter fluid or gasoline to start a fire. 

4. Never leave a fire unattended.